With over $4 Billion in Sales, and over 100,000 customers satisfied, we are the Largest Independent Dealership in the country. Customers travel from all over the World to buy from Texas Direct Auto. We carry ALL makes and models, and our financing is second to none. More than anything, our Job is to WOW our customers. WOW you with selection, financing, quality and service. If you are not WOW'd, then we have not done our jobs - not even close.

• View time-based bidding activity in real time

• Track your favorite items for easiest reference

• Search for and place bids on items that interest you

• Receive email notifications to track status of your placed bids

• Advanced anti sniping/bid extension rules at catalog or at item level

• Multiple images available per item

• Include videos in your item listing

• Report on sale progress and post sale details

• Easy export of reports and user contact information

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